Current Events

Sunday, July 27th
Choir Concert –  4:00 pm
Ice Cream Social –  5:00 pm
Shredded Chicken or Sloppy Joes, Chips, Side Salads, Beverages
and Make Your Own Sundae Bar

General Operating Fund update
We are so blessed to have a giving congregation at Trinity!  We are always looking for ways to improve the balance in our General Operating Fund.  Cutting our expenses is an area where we can all improve:

  • If you see lights on that shouldn’t be, please turn them off (gas and electric are our biggest utility expenses)
  • Close the doors to the rooms that are not in use so the church doesn’t heat those areas.
  • Make sure you adjust the thermostats after meetings.
  • Sign up to volunteer in the Nursery so we don’t have to pay 2 staff persons to work
  • Sign up for Kroger Community Rewards – Trinity’s # is 90458.
  • Bring in your old printer ink and toner cartridges so Trinity can recycle them to earn free paper
  • Pay for all copies you make on Trinity’s copier
  • Use Scrip cards for your purchases at local restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.  Gifts cards make the perfect Christmas gift!



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